Footjobbing in socks , get in touch !

You love the ass, but you love the extraverted sex, you can try this practice which is the footjob. The footjob itself is something super exciting and it gives a lot of satisfactions but it can also be accessorized for even more feeling.

The feet, an unusual pleasure

If you have not yet tasted sex with your feet, imagine yourself in the company of a hottie, object of your fantasy, who has legs and bare feet. She massages them and they suddenly become very soft. Then imagine this little bitch, do a little talk to your tail before getting into action as the professional footjob do on She gently touches the crotch and begins to put a little pressure until this cock is hard enough to receive the handjob it deserves. At that moment, you will want only one thing, to be shaken by the bitch until you fuck all your cum on the limbs.

Discover the divine handjob by feet

At the moment when the girl is about to do you good, you should just relax and feel her feet in super soft socks that cuddle your tail. The girl will take the knot by the head then press it gently. She rolls it then presses it and rolls it again in this very nice cotton fabric, then you will feel that the ejaculation will not delay anymore but until then, the beautiful will make you masturbate your dreams with these majestic feet finally Receive on the top of the sock a quantity of viscous sperm. You will enjoy watching all that liquid fall from the bottom of this little bitch who will just give you cravings you and will satisfy them in picture., last news.